Owings Outlaws is a Youth Organization that provides sports in Youth Football, Flag Football, Tackle Football, Youth Basketball, Baseball. We are a member of SMYAC which includes SMYAC Flag, SMYAC Football located in Southern Maryland.

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Welcome to Owings Outlaws Youth Football!
 Here is some necessary information for parents and players.

The League - Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC).


Senior & Junior Division:


SMYAC offers two levels of competition, Senior and Junior Division.  The Outlaws want to provide every opportunity for our players to get live game repetitions.  In the event there is an adequate number of registered players in an age group, players will be evaluated by Head Coaches and staff during the initial days of practice to determine placement on a Senior or Junior team. Again, not all age groups may have both Senior and Junior teams (dependent on the number of registered players).  


Season info:

The SMYAC season runs from August to approximately November, depending on whether a team qualifies for the SMYAC Classic (Conference playoffs). The top 4 teams in each division qualify for the SMYAC Classic. The following organizations participate in our youth football league:


  • Owings Outlaws
  • Mechanicsville Braves
  • Leonardtown Wildcats
  • Southern Maryland Hawks
  • Solomons Steelers
  • Huntingtown Hurricanes
  • Prince Frederick Eagles
  • Dunkirk Warriors
  • Pax River Raiders
  • Beach Buccaneers
  • LaPlata Blue Knights
  • St Charles Bears
  • Waldorf Wildcats

Visit our fields link to get directions to each of the respective club's fields.
League age groups are: Flag Football, 6-7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13-14U
The regular season is anywhere from 8-10 games, followed by playoffs (for qualifying teams). Playoffs begin Mid-to-Late November extending for two weeks. 




Game schedules:

Team schedules will be made available by SMYAC approximately the 2nd week of practice. Most games will be on Saturdays. However, teams may play weekday evening games in the event of inclement weather. In the case of game cancelations, the Owings Outlaws staff will notify the respective teams about rescheduling. 

Note—no games during Labor Day weekend.


Players will be evaluated by the Coach staff during the initial days of practice to determine placement on a Senior or Junior team, if necessary. Due to SMYAC rules, practices will start on August 1st at Windy Hill Elementary. The first night of practice, the entire organization will gather for a few minutes to discuss the upcoming season. Practices typically will run Monday through Thursday from 6 PM to 8 PM. The first night of training the attire is shorts, T-shirts, and cleats (athletic shoes for those that haven't purchased cleats yet) only. Your respective coaches will provide further guidance on wearing equipment later in the week.  Coaches will update their teams on time and/or location changes, as necessary. 

Football Equipment:

All families will be notified of times and dates for equipment fittings and distribution at our shed in Dunkirk District Park Field # 7.  If you are unable to attend the equipment issue dates, we will have a limited supply available at Windy Hill Elementary during the first weeks of practice.  If equipment is unavailable in the child's size at the first practice, we will work with you to schedule a fitting at our equipment shed.  Our equipment shed is located at the back of the park. As you enter the park, continue straight.  As you come to the end of the road, Owings Outlaws' home field is on your right-hand side.  Our equipment shed is located in the parking lot next to the field.

Note—Players must return all issued equipment at the end of the season. Failure to do return result in Owings Outlaws charging parents/guardians a replacement fee for each unreturned item.  

What we issue the players:

Helmets—our helmets are either brand new or re-conditioned. Our equipment managers will fit your child for a proper size helmet. If you wish to purchase an individual helmet, please contact our Football Commissioner or your Head Coach so that we can ensure you have the proper equipment.

Shoulder pads—shoulder pads are fitted by our equipment managers or on staff coaches.

Practice Jersey & Integrated pants—holds 7-piece pad sets. Players, unless otherwise instructed by coaches, will wear practice pants to all practices.

Noteflag football players receive a jersey and flags as part of the registration fee. 

What we ask our players to purchase:

Game Uniform – Game uniforms will be purchased when registering.  Uniform purchase includes jersey, integrated pants, and socks.

Mouthpiece—each player is required to have a mouthpiece.

Cleats (no metal spikes please)—we may have a limited amount of cleats for exchange. If you have unused cleats that may be too small, please bring them to practice to offer to those who may need them.

Athletic supporter/tights—all players are required to wear an athletic supporter during contact drills, scrimmages, and games. A soft-cup highly encouraged.

Optional equipment—visors (clear only), extra mouthpiece, arm/wrist bands, chest/rib protectors.


Your Head Coach will specify a time that he will want children at the game site before a game. Typically it is one hour prior to the start of your scheduled game. During this time, each coach is required to ensure children have the proper equipment and provide player cards for the opposing coach. Warm-ups and pre-game activities also take place during this time. Please make every effort to respect the coaches and players by being on-time. Players should bring all the football equipment with them. 

Gameday is your child's time to showcase their hard work and effort!!! Please cheer and encourage your child and their teammates! Be an example for your children by being respectful and displaying sportsmanship. 

All parents, players, and coaches must sign personal conduct forms. We expect all parties to act accordingly. If you cannot behave under our organizational policy, you will be asked to leave the game/practice/event area immediately. If an escort is required, law enforcement will be contacted.

Outlaw Mentality:

The Owings Outlaws believe that Safety is Paramount!  We will provide a safe and fun atmosphere where kids can be kids with an emphasis on the physical and emotional aspects of safety.  Additionally, we intend to teach proper techniques and fundamentals of football to ALL youth - boys and girls.  Focusing on what you can control is the key to performance and success. Great coaches teach this! And a large body of research backs this up! The scoreboard is an integral part of youth and high school sports but does not define mastery of your craft. Winning is neither everything nor the only thing.  Finally, we will ensure good sportsmanship.  Sports provide an excellent framework for cultivating ethical behavior. Winning and losing with grace are hallmarks of people equipped to live in and lead a civil society. And learning to treat people with dignity, especially under the pressure of competition, is one of the most valuable life lessons sports can offer. All of our coaches, team managers, elected and appointed board members are strictly volunteers; please respect their efforts.

Your Feedback:

If you have an issue that needs to be addressed or would like to give constructive or positive feedback, please contact your Head Coach either before or after practice and/or games calmly and civilly away from the children. If that is not an option or does not resolve the issue, please see our PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) Chairperson, Barbara Mendez. Her contact information can found under the "Contacts" tab. Ms. Mendez will listen to all disputes and advise on a course of action. If the course of action is unacceptable to the parties involved, she will bring the issue to the Outlaws Board. Please make every attempt to use this process if the need arises. 

Positive Individual Development

The most important aspect of being a parent or guardian of a player is to show your support every time they play or practice. Before practice or a game say:

  1. Have fun
  2. Play hard
  3. Listen to your coach.
  4. Be a good teammate.

After the game or practice, research shows that the best six words you can say to your child are:


I love to watch you play


These simple words of encouragement go a long way to help a child develop self-confidence. Be a positive and supportive influence at all times!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are entirely dependent on volunteers to maintain our organization. Our organization is only as good as our volunteers. If you would like to assist in any way, President, Mike Donaldson.  His contact info can be located on the Outlaws website under the "Contacts" link. We can always use a helping hand at practices, games, and events. If you wish to participate as a coach, you must complete a coaching application, a 
background check form, and complete the Outlaws Coaches curriculum; NO EXCEPTIONS. See your coach if you have additional questions. Note—parents, friends, and family members are NOT permitted on practice or game fields while practices or games are being held.


The Owings Outlaws and/or Head Coaches will notify parents via text and/or email of any cancelations.  During the season, we update the Owings Outlaws Facebook page with current information regarding practices, games, and events. You can also visit our website.


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