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SCHEDULE CHANGES -  Outlaws please check your game schedules.  EVERY tackle team has had changes to their schedules.  To find your schedule please click the "Outlaws Teams" tab > Football > Pick your team, then when your team page comes up click on the "Outlaws Teams" tab again, then click schedule.  Some games have been moved to another time or day, some games have been canceled or added so please look carefully.


PICTURE DAY Schedule -

Sunday,  October 5 at Dunkirk Park field #7 -

9:30 - 9U

10:10 - 8U

10:30 - Flag Black

10:50 - Flag Red

11:10 - 7U Jr

11:30 - 7U Sr

11:50 - 10U

12:10 - 12U

12:30 - 14U

by posted 09/29/2014
Dates to remember

Please check your emails!!

First let me say CONGRATS to all the teams that won this week!!  The Outlaws won 4 out of 6 games this week....AWESOME JOB!!!!

Sunday, October 5 - PICTURE DAY for Tackle and Flag football.  Each team will be scheduled for a specific time slot, in the afternoon, to  make the day flow smoothly.  Schedule to be announced soon.  Cheer pictures will be done at a later date on a practice night.

Wednesday, October 8 - 5- 7:30 - FUNDRAISER PICK UP - The Gianni's Fundraiser pick up will be at Dunkirk Park field #7.  ALL items MUST be picked up!!  The items are perishable and we have no place to store orders.  Orders that are not picked up WILL be donated to a local food bank or charity and NO refund will be made by the Outlaws or Gianni's.  Please make arrangements to pick up your orders.

Weekend of October 25th is the OUTLAWS HOMECOMING!!!  We will have games on field #4 AND #7 - The Outlaws are taking over Dunkirk Park on Homecoming Day!!!  We will have a pep rally, silent auction, and of course our Homecoming Games!!  We have a lot of planning to do and we can always use help.  If you have a service to offer please contact Missy so we can have the biggest, best Homecoming ever!!  We are looking for a DJ for Friday eve and Saturday, fun activities for the kids and vendors to set up on Saturday.  Team Moms and Coaches please let us know your basket theme so we can prepare accordingly. 


by posted 09/21/2014

Attention all OUTLAWS~ 

There a few rules we MUST abide by in order to keep the use of our practice field at Windy Hill Elem.


There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules!! We received a certified letter stating if these situations are not resolved we will lose the use of this field. 

One other friendly reminder, please pick up your trash! 



posted 09/18/2014
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